Our "Trade Show" for 2021 will be held on August 18.


As you all are aware, our nation is still battling the global COVID-19 pandemic.  We as a country have made great strides recently against this unseen evil with the release of multiple vaccines, and other educational material to help all citizens combat this horrific illness that has plagued us for almost a solid year.  Church Point Wholesale takes great pride in the relationships we have built over many years in business and value each and everyone of our Customers, Vendors, and of course our own Employees.  We feel due to the current state of affairs we will not be able to host our Live CPW tradeshow on the date in April that we released earlier this year, but instead have secured and agreed to move that date to later in the calendar year, (August 18).  Hopefully this later date will allow all to attend and conduct our business in the traditional live show setting that we have all enjoyed over the years.

Thanks for your patiences.

Church Point Wholesale